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June 29th, 2014

I wrote Mind Freedom: End Organized Religion with the premise that humans should replace organized religion with individual relationship with God and with group actions of helping each other as family, friends, and strangers.  I believe that religious division, prejudice, violence, and primitive views are holding civilization back from its next level of development.  I believe that a greater harmony than we can imagine will develop across the world as we leave spirituality to the individual and accept spiritual diversity in each other.  Such a change of viewpoint in society will bring about the cooperation and innovation necessary to take world civilization to the next higher level. 

In my book, I support freedom of religion and freedom from religion.  You have a right to disagree with me on anything I have written.  In my book, I also state that I don?t have all the answers.  If you have questions, I will answer them when I can and truthfully admit those times when I cannot.  If you agree with something in my book or something in it personally touches and helps you, I would love to know about that.  This blog is intended for disagreement with, questions about, and agreement with Mind Freedom: End Organized Religion.  If you haven?t read my book, I?ll still attempt to answer your concerns and provide what wisdom I can.  I do so in hope that you will read my book and find far greater wisdom in 287 pages than I can express in 1 or 2 blog paragraphs. 

Note:  This blog is a forum for thoughtful courteous discussion.  Please be respectful of those who have different beliefs than you.  This blog is not a pulpit for any religion.  My-way-or-the-highway-to-hell preaching will be removed.  I will respond as best I can to anything else.    

 Ben Munford

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